Please, place your ships


Here are the rules for “The Battleship” game (in case you do not know).

First, place ships on your field. Ships are rectangles 1 section wide and 1 to 4 sections long. Click on your field to place a section of a ship. There should be exactly 1 ship 4 sections long (carrier), 2 ships 3 sections long (cruisers), 3 ships 2 sections long (destroyers) and 4 ships 1 section long (submarines) – 10 ships in total. Ships cannot touch each other – side to side or corner to corner.

When you are done placing ships, press “Go” button and it will bring you to the second phase of the game – shooting.

To shoot: point on a cell within opponent's field and click. If your shot lands on an empty spot, this cell will be marked with a point and turn is being passed to your opponent. If the cell is occupied with a section of enemy ship, it will be marked with a character and you will be given an opportunity to shoot again. If it was the last section of a ship, the whole sunken ship is marked with dark gray color and surrounding area is marked with light gray – as a reminder for you that no other enemy ships can be located there.


Battleship winning largely depends on chance. However, there is still possibility for at least 2 strategic decisions: how to place your ships so that your opponent would spend as much time as possible trying to find them and how to choose target points to find opponent's ships as quickly as possible.
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