The Sandwich Guy


In this game you need to make sandwiches out of incoming ingredients (cards). The sandwich is 3 cards set where one card's value is exactly beween the values of the other 2. Card values wrap around. For example, the following triples are sandwiches: A-10-6, A-3-5, K-2-4, 3-Q-8. (The last one is a sandwich because there is exactly 3 ranks between 3 and Q: 2,A,K and exactly 3 ranks between Q and 8: J,10,9).

To begin, shuffle standard deck of 52 cards. Deal 8 cards to your hand.

Select 3 cards that make a sandwich and discard them to a discard pile. Draw cards from the deck into your hand based on the quality of a sandwich just made:

  1. if sandwich was the same suit, collect 4 cards from the deck, but no more than total 8 in hand
  2. if sandwich was the same color, collect 3 cards from the deck
  3. if sandwich has cards of different color, collect 2 cards from the deck
If you cannot make a sandwich with the cards in your hand, while there are still cards in the deck, you loose. If you take the last card from the deck, you win. Continue dealing sandwiches until you can, the number of remaining cards in your hand is your score (the lower, the better). Perfect score is 1.


Reddit user efofecks designed ten modern solo games which can all be played with just a standard card deck and shared them with the community in the attached PDF.

This page implements one of these games, The Sandwich Guy. I made a modification to the original game: you have an opportunity to open up the entire shuffled deck and see the order in which the ingredient cards are coming in. I have also added a metagame: whenever the game finishes with the perfect score (only one card is left), this card is added to your "collection" of perfect end games.

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