Your bet /
Your “horse”
Casino's “horse”

Casino Orao

Make a bet. Bet must be no less than 1 and no more than the remaining funds. Pick 3 bits any way you want ("horse"). It better be different from casino's choice, however. Pull the arm. Casino starts rolling random sequence of bits. If casino's sequence shows up in the list, casino wins (and keeps your bet). Otherwise, if your sequence shows up, casino pays.

If casino wins, it keeps its sequence unchanged. If casino looses, it switches its sequence to yours (at this point you better change yours to something else, because of the subtlety of rules interpretation, tie goes to casino).

Your goal is to win E|1,000,000. At which point people in suits approach you and ask you to leave. And never return. Politely, but firmly.

If you are nor familiar with Penney's game, it is hard to believe that the second player here has an advantage over the first. Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to find out what the strategy should be and then exploit it by winning 1e6 casino chips.

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