Reveal labyrinth

So, what do all those numbers mean and how to play this game?


First, computer generates labyrinth by filling the entire board. Each cell has a path to another cell and there is only one such path (i.e. there are no loops).

Each digit inside the board shows how many walls in this cell and each digit at the border of the board (on gray background) shows how many walls are there in that row or column.

Left click on a place where wall can be to place the wall, right click to remove the wall.

Your goal is to reveal the entire labyrinth.


prohibit '0' cells
Since 0 in a cell means that there are no wall in this cell, this allows to deduce immediately that all neighboring 'wallholders' are empty. Someone may consde this as giving a clue that is too easy. Checking this box will make program to generate labyrinths that do not have such cells.
more color hints
This option controls visual appearance of a cell after several wallholders were filled or cleared. If the amount of already placed walls is equal to the value specified in the cell, then cell background will change it's color. This would indicate to the player that the rest of wallholders may be cleared. If the some of wallholders are cleared and the only way to satisfy the nuber of walls is to fill the rest of them, this will also be indicated by changing the background color. Finally, if player made a mistake and places too many walls or clears too many wallholders, the background will change to different color.
new width
new height
These boxes allow player to specify different board size. Try smaller board (9×9 or 5×5) if original board size is too difficult, or try larger boards if it seems to easy.

Score table

The game keeps your best times for each size of a puzzle on your machine. (It not in cookies, but close to it). In case there are more then one person using your computer, there is a possibility to enter player's name.

The score table works the follwing way: there are total 10 entries and each player is allowed to occupy maximum 3 entries in it. That is, it is possible in the bginning for one player to occupy more than 3 entries in scoretable, but as new players enter, scores beyond top 3 will be removed by other player's scores, even if the are less.

Once again, the table holds scores for local players only on client's machine. There is no provisions so far to keep scores on a server.

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