Color path



Bring your character ("@") to the goal ("$"). First follow red path, then yellow, then green, then red, yellow, green and so on. The path which is currently available has solid color, other paths are dashed.

There are 12 different puzzles of increasing level of complexity. I took the puzzles from the book "The Zen of the Labyrinth" by Dave Phillips. I liked the puzzles and wanted to solve them, but it was too difficult to keep track of which color am I supposed to follow, especially for larger and longer puzzles. I searched for the javascript implementation on the internet, but only found some iOS app. I almost started writing it in javascript (and, eventually, did write it), but thought MSX Basic would be easier. It wasn't easier but it was fun nonetheless.

There are 8 more puzzles of this type in the book. However, they are more than 24 blocks high and do not fit easily in the chosen architecture and remain unsolved.

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