NSG's J and APL page

APL files

Windows dos box fonts for APLSE, TryAPL2 and SharpAPL
FinnAPL Idiom library as utf-8 encoded text file. See http://www.pyr.fi/apl/texts/Idiot.htm
Same, in pdf. May require SimPL.ttf font.
APL Special Edition Tutorial

J scripts

jedit.zip or jedit.htm
This is small set of session manager utilities that could be tied to function keys F2-F9 to enhance environment usability. These utilities include: indent/unindent selection, comment/decomment selection and select the entire explicit definition for further moving/deleting/copying/executing.
This is logic puzzle game. After running the script start it with create 7 command.
You may wish to create runtime for it. For such purpose .ico file is included. Make runtime with
'ptr/domino.ijs' scriptmake_j_ 'stdlib winlib gl2 color16 strings pts/domino'
where ptr means "path to runtime" and pts means "path to source".
This script is the replacement to standard gl2.ijs script. Its only difference is presense of scriptdoc-compatible source comments for the defined verbs. This will allow to get quick help for any gl2 verb by just pressing Ctrl+f1 over its name.
Numerates lines of VB code from clipboard and puts the result back into clipboard.
Tip of the day for J. Under construction.
Creates simple 3D images in ascii art. Two modes available: fast and slow, but more accurate.
For general information about J language and further references see http://www.jsoftware.com.

Last modified 2006-06-23