Land rocketship safely on moon surface. Engines produce their maximum thrust when up arrow is pressed. Watch you fuel -- you have only limited supply.

If landing speed is too high, the rocket will explode () and if rocket speed is not high enough to explode, but still high, it will turn into unusable pile of junk (). In any case you can hit space key to try again.

Code and comments

Download the LANDING.NSG code.

This is the first game in the series (and the only remaining, if lost VETKA.NSG is excluded) that works in graphic mode (SCREEN 2).

There are no breakthrough technologies involved, just several small tricks here and there.

I really wanted to add a few stars to the background scenery, but there just wasn't enough room in line 1. There was plenty of room in lines 2 and 3, but that is not where I needed it. Eventually I decided that it is better without stars. After all, pictures of lunar surface from Apollo missions also do not have any stars.
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