The game is inspired by Konami's Track & Field 1. There are many more challenges in the original game, but the first one, 100 meters sprint, is the most fun.


You are olympic athlete who is about to run 100 meters.

So, run as fast as you can (right arrow)...

... and face fair and unbiased valuation of your skills by a team of internationlly acclaimed judges after you cross finish line.

Game watches for right arrow to go down and up. Just holding it down does not cut it.

Code and comments

Download the original OLYMP.NSG code or internationalized version.

There is nothing special in this game, but it turned out surprisingly exciting and was banned from the class on more than one occasion for the damage it did to keyboards.

I calibrated this game so that my best run over about 50 runs would be 10 seconds.It turned out that this number depends a lot on what kind of modules are attached to MSX. MSXs with network module attached poll keyboard noticably slower than normal ones, so results may be skewed.

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