==[]-- Powers that can be calculated on POLYPHASE (AKA Rietz) layout slide rule using only simple operation with single slide movement.

Body:[K A D], slide:[B CI C]


u3 [K,D] uD=>K(r)
u2 [A,D] uD=>A(r)
[B,C] uC=>B(r)
u3/2 [K,A] uA=>K(r)
u2/3 [A,K] uK=>A(r)
u1/2 [D,A] uA=>D(r)
[C,B] uB=>C(r)
u1/3 [D,K] uK=>D(r)
u-1/2 [CI,B] uB=>CI(r)
u-1 [CI,C] uC=>CI(r)
[C,CI] uCI=>C(r)
u-2 [B,CI] uCI=>B(r)

Simple operation reduced to 1 variable

u9 [K,C,CI,D] uCI->uD; uC=>K(r)
u15/2 [K,A,C,CI] uCI->uA; uC=>K(r)
[K,B,CI,D] uCI->uD; uB=>K(r)
u7 [K,C,CI] uCI->uK; uC=>K(r)
u6 [K,C,D] 1C->uD; uC=>K(r)
[K,CI,D] uCI->uD; 1C=>K(r)
[K,C,CI] uCI->1D; uC=>K(r)
[K,A,B,CI] uCI->uA; uB=>K(r)
[A,C,CI,D] uCI->uD; uC=>A(r)
u11/2 [K,B,CI] uCI->uK; uB=>K(r)
u5 [A,C,CI] uCI->uA; uC=>A(r)
[A,B,CI,D] uCI->uD; uB=>A(r)
u14/3 [A,C,CI,K] uCI->uK; uC=>A(r)
u9/2 [K,A,C] 1C->uA; uC=>K(r)
[K,A,CI] uCI->uA; 1C=>K(r)
[K,B,D] 1C->uD; uB=>K(r)
[K,B,CI] uCI->1D; uB=>K(r)
[K,B,C,D] uB->uD; uC=>K(r)
u4 [K,CI] uCI->uK; 1C=>K(r)
[A,C,D] 1C->uD; uC=>A(r)
[A,C,CI] uCI->1D; uC=>A(r)
[A,CI,D] uCI->uD; 1C=>A(r)
[A,B,CI] uCI->uA; uB=>A(r)
[B,C,D] uC->1D; uD=>B(r)
[K,C] 1C->uK; uC=>K(r)
u11/3 [A,B,CI,K] uCI->uK; uB=>A(r)
u10/3 [B,C,D,K] uC->uK; uD=>B(r)
u8/3 [A,CI,K] uCI->uK; 1C=>A(r)
[B,C,K] uC->1D; uK=>B(r)
[A,C,K] 1C->uK; uC=>A(r)
u5/2 [K,B] 1C->uK; uB=>K(r)
[D,A,C,CI] uCI->uA; uC=>D(r)
[K,B,C] uB->uK; uC=>K(r)
[D,B,CI] uCI->uD; uB=>D(r)
u7/3 [B,D,K] uB->uK; uD=>B(r)
[D,C,CI,K] uCI->uK; uC=>D(r)
[B,A,C,K] uC->uK; uA=>B(r)
u11/6 [D,B,CI,K] uCI->uK; uB=>D(r)
u5/3 [C,D,K] uC->uK; uD=>C(r)
[A,B,K] 1C->uK; uB=>A(r)
[CI,D,K] uCI->uD; uK=>CI(r)
[A,B,C,K] uB->uK; uC=>A(r)
[B,K] uB->1D; uK=>B(r)
[B,A,C,K] uC->uA; uK=>B(r)
u4/3 [CI,K] uCI->uK; 1D=>CI(r)
[B,A,K] uB->uK; uA=>B(r)
[C,K] uC->1D; uK=>C(r)
[B,D,K] 1C->uK; uD=>B(r)
[B,C,K] uC->uK; 1D=>B(r)
[D,C,K] 1C->uK; uC=>D(r)
[D,CI,K] uCI->uK; 1C=>D(r)
u7/6 [C,B,D,K] uB->uK; uD=>C(r)
[C,A,K] uC->uK; uA=>C(r)
[CI,A,K] uCI->uA; uK=>CI(r)
u5/6 [C,A,K] uC->uA; uK=>C(r)
[C,B,K] uB->1D; uK=>C(r)
[D,B,K] 1C->uK; uB=>D(r)
[CI,A,K] uCI->uK; uA=>CI(r)
[D,B,C,K] uB->uK; uC=>D(r)
u1/6 [CI,B,D,K] uB->uD; uK=>CI(r)
[C,A,K] 1C->uK; uA=>C(r)
[CI,A,K] 1C->uA; uK=>CI(r)
[C,B,K] uB->uK; 1D=>C(r)
u-1/6 [C,A,K] 1C->uA; uK=>C(r)
[D,B,K] uB->uK; 1C=>D(r)
[C,B,D,K] uB->uD; uK=>C(r)
[CI,A,K] 1C->uK; uA=>CI(r)
[CI,B,K] uB->uK; 1D=>CI(r)
[D,B,C,K] uC->uK; uB=>D(r)
u-1/3 [CI,C,D,K] uC->uD; uK=>CI(r)
[A,B,K] uB->uK; 1C=>A(r)
[B,D,K] uB->uD; uK=>B(r)
[C,CI,D,K] uCI->uK; uD=>C(r)
[A,B,C,K] uC->uK; uB=>A(r)
[CI,A,B,K] uB->uA; uK=>CI(r)
[CI,K] 1C->1D; uK=>CI(r)
[C,K] 1C->uK; 1D=>C(r)
[B,A,K] 1C->uA; uK=>B(r)
u-2/3 [B,K] 1C->uK; 1D=>B(r)
[C,D,K] 1C->uD; uK=>C(r)
[C,CI,K] uCI->1D; uK=>C(r)
[D,C,K] uC->uK; 1C=>D(r)
[CI,A,B,K] uB->uK; uA=>CI(r)
[CI,C,K] uC->uK; 1D=>CI(r)
[CI,D,K] 1C->uK; uD=>CI(r)
[B,CI,D,K] uCI->uK; uD=>B(r)
[D,CI,K] 1C->uK; uCI=>D(r)
u-5/6 [CI,B,K] uB->1D; uK=>CI(r)
[CI,A,C,K] uC->uA; uK=>CI(r)
[C,A,CI,K] uCI->uK; uA=>C(r)
u-7/6 [CI,A,C,K] uC->uK; uA=>CI(r)
[CI,B,D,K] uB->uK; uD=>CI(r)
[C,A,CI,K] uCI->uA; uK=>C(r)
[D,B,CI,K] uB->uK; uCI=>D(r)
u-4/3 [CI,C,K] uC->1D; uK=>CI(r)
[A,CI,K] 1C->uK; uCI=>A(r)
[B,D,K] 1C->uD; uK=>B(r)
[C,CI,K] uCI->uK; 1D=>C(r)
[B,CI,K] uCI->1D; uK=>B(r)
[A,C,K] uC->uK; 1C=>A(r)
u-3/2 [K,A,C] uC->uA; 1C=>K(r)
[CI,A,C] uC->1D; uA=>CI(r)
[K,B] uB->1D; 1C=>K(r)
[D,B,CI] uB->1D; uCI=>D(r)
[D,A,C,CI] uC->uA; uCI=>D(r)
[K,B,CI,D] uB->uD; uCI=>K(r)
[C,A,CI,D] uCI->uD; uA=>C(r)
[C,A,CI] uCI->uA; 1D=>C(r)
[CI,B,D] uB->1D; uD=>CI(r)
[K,A,CI] 1C->uA; uCI=>K(r)
[K,B,C] uC->1D; uB=>K(r)
[CI,A,C,D] uC->uA; uD=>CI(r)
u-5/3 [B,A,CI,K] uCI->uK; uA=>B(r)
[CI,C,D,K] uC->uK; uD=>CI(r)
[D,C,CI,K] uC->uK; uCI=>D(r)
[C,CI,D,K] uCI->uD; uK=>C(r)
u-7/3 [A,B,CI,K] uB->uK; uCI=>A(r)
[B,A,CI,K] uCI->uA; uK=>B(r)
u-8/3 [B,CI,K] uCI->uK; 1D=>B(r)
u-3 [A,C,CI] uC->uA; uCI=>A(r)
[K,A,B,CI] uB->uA; uCI=>K(r)
[K,CI] 1C->1D; uCI=>K(r)
[K,C] uC->1D; 1C=>K(r)
[B,A,CI,D] uCI->uD; uA=>B(r)
[B,A,CI] uCI->uA; 1D=>B(r)
[K,C,CI,D] uC->uD; uCI=>K(r)
[A,B,CI] uB->1D; uCI=>A(r)
u-10/3 [A,C,CI,K] uC->uK; uCI=>A(r)
[B,CI,D,K] uCI->uD; uK=>B(r)
u-7/2 [K,B,CI] uB->uK; uCI=>K(r)
u-4 [A,C,CI] uC->1D; uCI=>A(r)
[B,CI,D] uCI->uD; 1D=>B(r)
u-9/2 [K,A,C,CI] uC->uA; uCI=>K(r)
[K,B,CI] uB->1D; uCI=>K(r)
u-5 [K,C,CI] uC->uK; uCI=>K(r)
u-6 [K,C,CI] uC->1D; uCI=>K(r)

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