My WP34s projects


WP34s software package already includes assembler/preprocessor. However, it
  1. insists on very strict and not at all intuiltive ASCII opcode input
  2. does not allow "local symbols" of the form 1H, 2H, etc. (unsurprisingly)
So, I had to modify my HP35s assembler for the WP34s. Here is the link:

Custom builds

WP34s firmware has several compile time selectable options which I found useful. Since they are options and not included in standard build, I have to make my own custom build and keep it up to date. (since I do not have a device without crystal, I do not make a build for barebones device) The included options are:


I have prepared pocket sized consize reference for WP34s. Please check it out.

My hardware modifications

My Programs


clock.wp34s is a program that constantly displays current time. Additionaly, it can place this time on stack and provides helper subroutines for time recall and timestamp arithmetic.
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