WP 34S pocket reference

WP 34S pocket refence is a companion to a WP 34S programmable calculator. It contains concise list of WP 34S operations.

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  • pdf -- 2.8"×5.5" pocket reference. For viewing on a portable device or a computer.
  • print block (letter) -- pages of pocket reference arranged in signature order, 4 per US letter page. For printing on #20 paper, folding and stapling.
  • color cover (letter) -- pocket reference cover with alpha keybard layout. For printing on a thicker paper in color.
  • DIY Printing

    Print the laid out block of pages on “20 pound” paper, both sides. If you can get hold of printer that can print in duplex mode, that will make things much easier. If not, print odd pages, then put the stack back into printer (correct side up, depends on printer), print even pages. Be aware that some printers sometimes feed 2 pages at a time, especially when paper is already warped by passing through the heater once. In this case, it may be faster to feed pages one at a time manually.

    Make sure that scaling is set to 100% -- some pdf viewers may try to scale pages to fit into printer margins.

    After pages are printed, align them along the bottom edge and make a horizontal cut across the page, separating blocks at the bottom and top of the pages. Bottom block is “outside” block, top block is “inside” block. Stack them together and fold along the middle. For better results, put something heavy on top and let it sit for a night, but this is not strictly necessary.

    Print cover on a thicker paper (photo or cardstock). Cut and discard empty top portion of the page. Fold cover in half and wrap around printed pages block.

    Get 2 or 3 staples from the stapler. Using long thick needle with sharp point (be aware of the needles taht have blunt points, those will not work as good) make 2 holes from the inside out. Use proper safety equpment: timble, goggles, do not hurt yourself. Insert staple from outside in, press and fold the ends. Repeat for 1 or 2 more staples.

    Cut the book to fit into the calculator pouch. 73 mm from the spine to the cut line worked for me. There is still some room in the outside margins to cut 1−1.5 mm more, but that makes margins a little too thin -- no matter what, before the cut, make sure that you are not cutting into the text. There are 38 sheets of paper to cut, which may be difficult without press and electric cutter. If you do not have those, press steel ruler along the cut line and cut excess paper with crafts knife, making multple cuts and removing excess strips of paper as they fall off.


    Currently the only way to get a paper version is DIY. I have approached several local and online printers, but was left with impression that publishing a pocket sized book is not something that most of them are equipped to deal with.


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