I was writing text-based space adventure game and during the gameplay main character had to pass through arcade parlor, so I needed to make several text-based arcade games for it. It was completely irrelevant what the games are or how hard or easy they are, they just had to be there and all the action had to be within the area 1 text line tall.

One was based on a stripped version RANGER.NSG -- the number of digits to order was decreased from 9 to 3.

Another was based on OLYMP.NSG. Time was not counted and length of a track was 8 spaces long. To win player had to push right arrow 8 times.

Other .NSG written so far were too complex for that parlor, but I wanted at least 3 games. So I came up with the one where player (π) is presented with a character-art picture of a lion (On-n~) and is required to push space bar, at which point arrow slowly flies towards lion and kills him.

Once I invented the game, it became just a matter of principle to make it little bit more playable and turn it into .NSG. I added some random delay before displaying a lion, counted time before shot and presented some smart comments about players' shooting skills based on that time.


Take your bow and head for the desert.
Once you see the lion...

...shoot him, but do not wait too long, or it may be too late.

(Use space bar to shoot)

Code and comments

Download the original HUNTING.NSG code or internationalized version
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