I spotted this game on a classmate's Casio PB-100. It seemed like a perfect candidate.

Very simplified version of this game (together with simplified versions of OLYMP.NSG and HUNTING.NSG) under the name Sortir became part of one of my later projects. Sortir was the intended name for the game when I wrote it, but for reasons that is hard to explain here I had to change it to Ranger, equally deceptive.


The goal is to rearrange (hence the name) given sequence of digits in ascending order. One extra pocket is available. Select cell using ← and → keys and use space key to exchange its contents with the contents of a pocket.

Waste no time as your performance will be valuated based on how quick you are.

Code and comments

Download the original RANGER.NSG code, or internationalized version.

This game introduces concept of verbal valuation of player's skill. Many of the games that follow let you do something and depending on how good you are, give you some kind words to encourage you in your endeavour. Now, whenever you have text in natural language, there will be typos and grammar mistakes because, unlike typos and mistakes in porgram code they are not easy to notice. Sometimes they went unnoticed for years, so I decided to keep all text messages in original games as is.

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