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2012-07-23 23:40:01
Use jquery for crossbrowser operation
2009-09-13 11:44:05
conv606 -- metric conversion "scale" from Picketts N606 and N909
2009-09-11 21:14:40
circ2 scale, corrections
2009-09-10 21:53:13
calendars, day number, shillings and pense percent scales of Hemmi 143
2009-09-06 18:58:02
Engine redesign is in process. Also added several new scales, including (almost) complete set of special scales from Hemmi 257. ("F(t)" scale is missing)
2008-05-10 10:56:16
Started redesign of slide rule emulator and scale generation subsytem. Different engine will allow arbitrary scale labels, multile slides and cursors. The scale IDs will be renamed.
2005-09-04 23:20:28
Index page for circular slide rules and astrolabes; Lamina Universal and Saphea Arzachelis
2005-08-31 22:03:26
My first emulator for circular slide rule (КЛ-1)
2005-08-23 20:49:34
Reference to Thompson's book and Polivanov's djvu in article about automated enumeration
2005-08-14 18:56:45
Article about automated enumeration of slude rule algorithms. Should have been done long time ago.
2005-08-13 21:16:49
Special page (srout) to navigate outside the site and keep slide rule in bottom frame (if it is there).
2005-08-03 22:15:50
Copyright and license information on emulator page
2005-07-31 13:09:29
Bottom frame for emulator; deframe and notation decoder links on the bottom footer of pages; trig and notation pages are partially rewritten and updated
2003-10-27 20:56:49
"Obvious" inprovement of hypothenuse solution using DI
2003-09-24 20:34:11
Created detacheable window for notation decoding; default window title for slide rule window.
Fixed couple of typos on srtrig and sradd pages.
After long down period born again at www.brinkster.com webhosting. Not all scales are available for the emulator yet.
2001-03-17, 17:37:49
Updated scales list and changed emulator page. Also added micro builder reference on Slide rule list page. Started Scales page.
2001-03-12, 20:32:42
Completely replaced scales for side rule emulator. Also, added some additional scales.
2001-03-10, 20:11:55
Famous slide rules page created.
2001-03-10, 00:59:20
Basic unary operation is described and theorem about slide reversing proved on the Basic page.
2001-03-07, 22:18:21
Added operations comparison page together with lists of opepations for several rules. They are not referenced from mainstream site pages yet, only from this page.
2001-03-04, 17:38:15
Description of basic ternary operation and its relation to division and multiplication on Basics page.
2001-03-03, 16:31:44
Deframing feature (see on bottom of all pages), tocs on pages. Trigonometry page is included. Explanations on how cursor works on Atoms page and notation translator on the same page.
2001-03-01, 21:46:02
Created What's new page. Updated Basics page with "Setting the values" chapter.
2001-08-04 Added description of multiplication method using only C scale.

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