My programs

These are some pieces of software I've written over the years. Most of them are useless to anyone but myself, but I just cannot throw them away.

There is no warranty of any kind. Please assume that any software you download from the web (including this site) contains viruses, trojans, etc.


Worms Screen Saver
This is my excersize in writing C#/.NET program. It is a screensaver. It is a remake of a screensaver I wrote for Windows 3.1 long time ago (at least 15 years). In order to run, this screensaver needs redistributable .NET 2.0 libraries from Microsoft site. Here is also a source code for it.

Windows console

This program merges several .pcs files into one .pcs file. PCS file is a file format for stitch patterns, which is recognized by the software for the computer controlled sewing machine "Quantum Futura". The software that came with the machine did not allow to load to patterns and stitch them simultaneously. This program somewhat helps this deficiency.
I like sokoban a lot, and there are plenty of clients around. However I needed one that saves solution of a sokoban level to a readable file, and I could not find one, so I had to write my own.
This program dumps text content of a windows clipboard into standard output. There is a program around called pclip.exe which does pretty much the same thing, except that it cannot deal with unicode characters, it prints them as '?'. Uniclip outputs text utf-8 encoded.
I found a really cute dos program, Electric Astrolabe, which I wanted to run as a windows screensaver. In case you do not know, windows screensaver is a regular .exe file, renamed to .scr. It must execute screen drawing proceure when it is passed "/s" option.

To start Electric Astrolabe as a screensaver I wrote a wrapper that changes current directory to a place where I installed Electric Astrolabe and then starts appropriate dos executable. To change directory and executable to something else, edit .scr file in hex editor or recompile .c file.

It most likely will not work with Windows Vista.

All-or-nothing transform of a file for secure sotrage, transmission or sharing.


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