My MSX Basic programs

Naturally, the first programming laguage I used on MSX was MSX BASIC, It is very rich, surprisingly powerful and extremely demanding language. Simple programs are easy to write, but to create something more or less complex requires skill, knowledge and self discipline.

Games written in 3 lines of code

One of my MSX-related hobbies was (and, possibly, still is) writing playable game in 3 lines of MSX basic code. Well, it all really depends on definition of "playable" and "game". In any case it was a HUGE fun to write them.

Definition of line of code is an MSX basic line (the one that has a number), not a screen line. It is not as trivial as it may seem, since every line has a limit of 255 characters (not exactly 255 characters, but this not improtant here).

Here is the list in approximately chronological order. I am absolutely sure about the order of the first 4.

ALPHABET.NSG, 1987, ***
Build the row of alphabet characters.
Learn keayboard
SNAKE.NSG, 1987, ***
Eat digits and grow. Avoid biting own tail or hitting the wall. Classic.
FIFTEEN.NSG, 1987, *
Sam Loyd's "15" game.
ROPE.NSG, 1988, **
Tug-of-war (for 2 people).
RANGER.NSG, 1988, *
Arrange digits in ascending order as fast as possible
Set bits in byte to match given random number as fast as possible
AMTRUCK.NSG, 1998, ***
Ride straight ahead, avoid obstacles
LANDING.NSG, 1988, **
Moon landing
OLYMP.NSG, 1989, **
Run 100 meters as fast as you can
LABIRINT.NSG, 1989, **
Find a fast way through maze
HUNTING.NSG, 1989, *
Shoot lion berore he shoots you
INVADOR.NSG, 1989, **
get biggest lot in a given amount of time
MEMORY.NSG, 1989, *
Repeat digits that appear on the screen
HORSE.NSG, 1989, *
Jump over obstacles towards finish
Make bets and win or loose
NESSY.NSG, 1990, *
Shoout terrible underwater monster
KOLOBOK.NSG, 1991, ***
Move get to the goal through a complex maze
ROAD.NSG, 1991, **
Drive ahead on a winding road, avoiding obstacles
Destroy approaching starships before they hit you
WOLVES.NSG, 1991, *
Board game: move 3 men (dogs) over chessboard to block a wolf
LINE.NSG, 1992, *
1D Rubik's Cube, arrange numbers in ascending order
BRIDGE.NSG, 1993, *
David Gale's brige-it game
TRITRIS.NSG, 1993, ***
Tetris spin-off with different set of tiles
VETKA.NSG, 1996, ***
Vetka puzzle.
INWOODS.NSG, 2015, ***
Explore the wilderness.
FRACTALM.NSG, 2016, **
Fractal maze (recursive maze).
123MAZE.NSG, 2016, *
An implementation of Hiroshi Yamamoto's puzzle of same name.
*** -- I am proud of this game and/or it has some special significance.
** -- Decent game with some twist in the code.
* -- Nothing special.

Full size programs

Small programs

Those are some programs that I wrote to test an idea or to produce some video trick or something like that.
Makes a picture of a TV with noise (“snow”) on a screen, I wrote this program to test an idea of creating such “snow”.
Displays multiple independently scrollable windows in SCREEN 0. Originally I wrote this program to start it on my computer before I leave -- so everybdy sees that it is doing something important and does not claim it. (The idea never worked anyway.)
Generates images of 52 playing cards for use in various solitaires and other card games.