Puzzles and games

  1. Dominosa
  2. Vetka (branch)
  3. Vetka6X
  4. Battleship
  5. Plumber
  6. Reveal
  7. Back frm the Klondike -- a puzzle by Sam Loyd
  8. Biomorph -- Explore biomorphs and find interesting ones
  9. Phase portraits -- Explore complex functions and find interesting phase portraits
  10. Casino Orao -- game of chance which favors the player, but still requires proper strategy to win


  1. Memory game
  2. Clock
  3. Chessboard
  4. Attention -- click the numbers in sequence
  5. Perler Beads -- non square perler beads boards
  6. Penrose tiles -- place Penrose tiles manually on infinite board
  7. Meander -- Meander game mentioned in Gardner's book
  8. KTANE -- automated guide to KTANE's expert manual
  9. Payload -- remake of an old game from MSX

Other pages

If you are here looking for javascript examples, please look at my slide rule page. It contains slide rule emulator (written in Javascript).
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